State Apartments of Louis XIV

There are seven prestigious salons which served as king’s apartments. Each of the room dedicated to one of the known planets and associated with them titular Roman deity. The rooms were served for hosting.

The amazing work of Hercules Room can be considered on a par with masterpieces by Italian fresco painters. The Hercules Room was the last room that Louis XIV at the end of his reign.

In Venus room is depicted the goddess of love Venus, associated with the planet in Ancient Greece. The paintings of arches shows heroes from antiquity whose actions, inspired by the goddess.

In central section of Diana room on painting depicts Diana watching over navigation. In Ancient Greek mythology she was the goddess of the hunt, in ancient greek mythology. Diana was associated with the moon and was the sister of sun god Apollo.

The Mars Room was used as a Guard Room, making its dedication to the god of war highly appropriate. On the arches of the room are represented war victories by sovereigns from Antiquity and the triumphs of the king.

The Hall of Plenty was served as antechamber of Louis XIV’s Cabinet of Curiosities, also as the room where he was enjoying coffee or wine. Louis XIV were kept his gems and medallions there and he liked to show them to his guests, which served as a source of inspiration for the decoration of the vault.

Mercury Room actually served as a bedchamber. In Greek mythology  Mercury represented as the patron god of trade, arts and sciences. On this room’s celling depicts on his chariot pulled by two roosters. Until 1689 the walls of the room were decorated by Tables, mirrors, andirons chandeliers made in silver, which Louis XIV was forced to melt down to finance the War of the League of Augsburg. The Mercury Room was served as the royal bedchamber.

The Apollo Room served as a throne room. The celling depicts the Sun King, the arts and peace. On the arches represented the king’s magnificence and magnanimity. 

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